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1.	Revive story

a. Revive methodology presentation

b. Presentation of revived Curriculum

Theory and Methodology Learning in Groups

How to Work and Learn in Knowledge Society

Course Development – Learning Design

Adult Education in Museums

Introduction to Engineering Mathematics

c. Podcasts recorded during partner meetings and workshops

Blogging and feedback tools for REVIVE (iCamp experience, G. Cibulskis)

iCamp methodology (iCamp experience, G. Cibulskis)

ObjectSpot (iCamp experience, G. Cibulskis)

Video Wiki (iCamp experience, G. Cibulskis)

Mash-Up personal learning environment (iCamp experience, F. Wild)

Rss and tagging (M. Hoffer)

Experience using Moodle (L. Marko)

Experience using Moodle (D. Zarka)

2.	Testimonies and success story indicators presented by:

a. Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

• Teachers (G. Gedvilienė, M. Teresevičienė, S. Karasevičiūtė)


b. Chamber of Commerce and Navigation of Castellon, Spain

c. Centre for Learning Innovation and Adult Learning at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

d. Lithuanian Association of Adult Education, Lithuania


• Learners (J. Idaitė, N. Majerienė, A. Vileniškytė)

e. Local Centre of Distance Education at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia